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Snake oil salesmen using Social Engineering ...

06 January 2016

The world has changed and I’m not talking about the obvious socio-environmental, economic or political changes -  It’s the way we do things as a result of the growth of technology, it has made our lives much easier, faster and convenient.  Our need to enrich our lives as consumers for products and information increases, as such we demand it to be faster and easier. 

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It's all about your audience ...

27 June 2015

I wish I was paid to speak to supplier and sales people, it’s what I say when they cold call me asking what big projects I am working on this year or what pain points I am suffering - that they can help me with? I wish I had the confidence to say ‘pain points? - Yes this call is one of them’


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What’s your watch got to do with being productive?

21 June 2015

Let’s forget about how exciting new tech, devices and cutting edge gadgets are and focus on how you can increase your productivity through the use of such devices. 

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This is not working ...

20 March 2015

'Why is this not working?' this is what I heard and started thinking 'Why?' and 'What's not working?'.

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A Serial to ensure all facts are agreed upon before a decision is made ...

07 December 2014

A colleague mentioned that he loved the podcast so much he couldn't believe that the story was made up - he was doubled over to be told that it was a true story ...

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All Chasing the Same Ball ...

11 October 2014

Having a clear view of where you want to be and having great intentions sometimes ends up with problems and delays.

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Managing Change - Perceptive or Reality ...

26 July 2014

​Change face us all the time, in our personal and work lives. If we decided not to change we stay still - that is - wake up, go to work, participate in the production line, go home, eat, sleep and wake up in the morning and it all starts again. This sort of life brings no excitement and leaves us open to redudancy and take-over.


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7-1 defeat (Germany vs Brazil) - 4 Building block to a great team ...

09 July 2014

Watching the 2014 world cup semi final match between Brazil and Germany was a joyous and saddening experience, I felt sorry and a sense of embarrassment for Brazil and at the same time excited and impressed by Germany’s performance.


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Oh no ... not another meeting

24 July 2013

How many times have your work colleagues gone into auto-pilot and scheduled a meeting

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Do we need a strategy ....

04 July 2011

IT Manager walks in to CEO Office to discuss the IT Strategy:

CEO: I'm glad you're here, I have lots of important things to discuss with you

ITM: Oh, fantastic - I too have lots of ideas, having spent lots of time with all the Service Areas - I have a great understanding on how to move us forward - ensuring we make better us of what we have and spend less on what we buy - obtaining good value and establishing us as market leaders.

CEO: emm, yes - good. But before all that - can we discuss why it takes me so long to log into the my computer? Why the internet access is so slow? and what's all this I hear about the not being able to fix my PA's PC because of licence keys?

ITM: errr ......