When it doesn’t go to plan

How many times have you stood on the sidelines waiting for a service to go live, only to find that the lack of someone else’s planning has suddenly become your emergency? What makes good service delivery is the ability to anticipate the number of outcomes from an approach or action, but what makes it a success is […]

Wow … where did that come from

Ever been hit by an issue from left field when not expecting it … at work or even in your personal lives things happen when you least expect them to.  I recall a time a long time ago when I was faced with issues from a team of staff – they weren’t happy. Through a […]

Meetings … don’t waste your time

It fills me with dread when I receive an email for a meeting that lasts more than an hour. Why would a meeting last for an hour, unless it’s a workshop or a detailed design meeting and if it was – stop calling it a meeting. What’s worse to get an email booking in a […]

Cheap has no value

Recently, while trying to sort out major issue with a particular service which was caused by RIM’s major outage, I negotiated the trial of a new innovative make clients and customers lives easy”  technology I was keen to establish that trial would carry no costs. Having achieved that, I said to the supplier being northern I love […]

Do we need a strategy

IT Manager walks in to CEO Office to discuss the IT Strategy: CEO: I’m glad you’re here, I have lots of important things to discuss with you ITM: Oh, fantastic – I too have lots of ideas, having spent lots of time with all the Service Areas – I have a great understanding on how […]

Practical delivery of cloud based solutions

Working at the cutting edge of service delivery I can’t help thinking about how we can improve the service we offer, but more importantly making our lives a little easier in the process. If you are like me – you’re constantly ‘phone-dodging‘ sales calls proclaiming to have the next biggest thing in the IT arena! […]

The future

The future is still to be written, although if you are a sci-fi fan – you may see things differently. Films like ‘Back to the Future‘ indicate that you can change your destiny by changing your involvement in the present. Ensuring the future-you is not impacted by limiting your involvement, acting as a by-stander and […]

What’s a bicycle lock got to do with service …

I’ve talked about ‘service‘ in the past and if asked? Would probably the most used word I use after ‘interesting‘ and ‘really‘ – to my wife’s annoyance. You alway know when you’ve received great service, it doesn’t come in a package, in a hand shake or as a large deposit in your bank account, it […]

What’s your watch got to do with being productive?

Let’s forget about how exciting new tech, devices and cutting edge gadgets are and focus on how you can increase your productivity through the use of such devices.  Productivity doesn’t come naturally, as a child you are ‘trained’ to finish your homework before it had to be in, finish your dinner before you leave the […]

This is not working

Why is this not working?’ this is what I heard and started thinking ‘Why?’ and ‘What’s not working?’. Normally I have teams in place to address this type of request. When placing new services in place I ensure a ‘service wrapper’ is created that covers not only the intensive support required in the initial stages […]