Don’t get into hot water

A few years ago I was convinced that services you receive – whether it was buying goods or paying for a plumber or decorator – would always consist of two parts. The first part would be the product you’re receiving and the second, probably the most important and most defining part  would be experience you’d […]

Election poll saturation

Reflecting over the past week – I realised the election news has been constantly being broadcast on all the news channels, we are constantly been updated on the polls from ICM, ComRes, Harris, Ipsos-Mori, Populus and YouGov in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen where it appears the Tories have held their lead. Does […]

Managing Change – Perceptive or Reality

Change face us all the time, in our personal and work lives. If we decided not to change we stay still – that is – wake up, go to work, participate in the production line, go home, eat, sleep and wake up in the morning and it all starts again. This sort of life brings […]

Four Building block to a great team

Watching the 2014 world cup semi final match between Brazil and Germany was a joyous and saddening experience, I felt sorry and a sense of embarrassment for Brazil and at the same time excited and impressed by Germany’s performance. The final result was 7-1 to Germany; I asked was this a display of great service by […]

Ritual behaviour

When planning to go on holiday don’t you find the few weeks before becomes an excruciatingly busy time. Is it that either everybody knows you’re not going to be around, so piles on the work or is it a case that your internal clock sets the scene and psychologically applies the pressure. You know you’re […]

Why do we exist

I thought about ‘Why do we exist?’ – I had a sudden realisation that readers would be thinking ‘Wow’, could he be relating this to life, god and the universe.  Well let me put your minds at rest – I wasn’t. I was thinking about ‘Why do we exist? from a technology, service support & […]

Sense of accomplishment

I’m sitting in the Bel Air overlooking Courchevel, there must be hundreds of people milling around on their skis – occasionally the confident skier flies across the junction of pistes. But I’m looking hard – I’m scouring the crowd for Prince William apparently he’s in town, I’ve heard that he will be easy to spot […]

It’s all about your audience

I wish I was paid to speak to supplier and sales people, it’s what I say when they cold call me asking what big projects I am working on this year or what pain points I am suffering – that they can help me with? I wish I had the confidence to say ‘pain points? […]

Learn to communicate by aiming at the lowest common denominator

To get the message across I have been told that you should share it three times although experience has shown that during periods of stress and pressure this number needs to be greater.  Tell them what you what you are going to tell them, tell them it and then tell them what you’ve told them […]