When developing member of your team consider they keep a journal of all they do. Building a ‘Skills/Career Confidence Inventory’ (SCCI) will assist them to reflect over what they have done. It will also assist them to fill-in and complete application forms.

For each piece of work use this a template sheet (shown below) to record significant work. Completion of each of the sections will assist with understanding and enhance development. If you repeat a piece of work refer to a previous SCCI you undertook in an attempt to further illustrate sections:

  1. Title: Enter the title of the piece of work
  2. Date: Enter the date of the work, otherwise in several months you’ll forget when you undertook the work
  3. Aim: Illustrate what the aim of the piece of work is?
  4. Action: What is it you did to complete the aim?
  5. Achievement: What did you achieve once you completed the action section?
  6. Further Action and Development: Is there any further actions or work required for your further development?

Photo credit: twenty_questions / Foter.com / CC BY-NC