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The future

The future is still to be written, although if you are a sci-fi fan – you may see things differently.

Films like ‘Back to the Future‘ indicate that you can change your destiny by changing your involvement in the present. Ensuring the future-you is not impacted by limiting your involvement, acting as a by-stander and letting events pass you by or guaranteeing a positive-future outcome for yourself by get heavily involved in a situation and determining its outcome.  

TV series like ‘Fast Forward‘ say that our futures have already been written and no matter what we do (or don’t do) we can’t change it.

I wonder how much does crystal ball gazing and planning/looking ahead really help?

I guess not much, if you don’t have a dose the secret ingredient – that of ‘past experience(s)’. 

I, possibly like you, find myself ‘Fast Forwarding‘ a particular situation or at a decision-point – so to understand what it will look like, feel like and smell (smell is funny one – I know). With all the options I come up with I hope I can influence or adjust the present-situation so I can be in a better place .

Using your experiences you can try and predict tomorrow, today. A couple of phrases that always makes me smile – ‘if you don’t know where you are going – you’ll always get there’ and ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. 

All this future planning can drive you crazy – I have friends who just exist from day to day, letting things happen – enjoying every experience. If we can’t influence the future? Is this what we all should be doing? Is it the responsibility of children, your partner, family or your role at work and in society that forces you to plan? Probably

With the election over and a coalition in government, the future may look different. We all sense a period of change around the corner with the pending public sector cuts.

What is it that we should be doing now? that will help us in the future?

If you want to start planning by looking ahead – immerse yourself in the video below from Fisch, McLeod & Bronman steal yourself a few minutes asking yourself – did you know? …   


Photo credit: Werner Kunz / / CC BY-NC-SA