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You must had heard the phrase ‘ready, fire and aim’, a number of us have been part of a team who are alway ‘ready’ keen to move and then ‘fire’ in all directions and finally ‘aim’ to realise we’ve missed the target. Missing the target completely, wasting resources and time resulting in damage to brand, […]

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Delivery on commitments and purely in helping out is so important in all we do, it is probably one of the top skills people identify in gaining satisfaction and a means of moving forward. Below are a series of tips you can take away and practice. Photo by André Wermuth from FreeImages

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Communication is so important in all we do, it is probably one of the top skills people identify as needing to be happy, successful and competent in stating where they are, where they want to get to and how they did it? Below are a series of tips you can take away and practice. Photo […]


Management is doing, it involves tried and tested methods and sequencing of resources, tools and techniques to gain an end goal or result. Below are a series of tips you can take away and practice. Photo by Jonathan Natiuk from FreeImages

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Service Strategy & Continual Service Improvement

Defining the strategy for a service is a complex and once successful is a satisfying endeavour. Knowing where you want to be is key to this, whilst also understanding where you are and how to get there. To be able to provide effective management for a service, focus around the design, development and implementation needs […]

Service Design

  Writing down your service vision and what it will look like – through design, may increase the possibility of it happening the first time  Services are designed with a goal in mind, without appropriate considerations taken and due diligence. Elements to consider will focus initially on the consumers of the service and then resources required […]

Service Transition

Considers the risks and impacts of making services available to your consumers not only the service itself but also those currently being used.  Summary:  The discipline required to move a new or changed service into production determines the success of transitions regardless of the size of change.  

Service Operations

The majority of time business-as-usual activities can be predicted, the real value of operations is what to do when something else happens?  Summary:  This is where the magic happens, the whole return on investment is played out during the life of your new or changed service. Delivery is presenting what you promised you would, on […]

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Everybody is talking about digital transformation

In the past there was business transformation, now it’s all about digital transformation … I’m sure they’ll be something new in the future – maybe ‘Remote Blended Transformation’ (heard it here first) Digital transformation is a heavily used marketing term, where the key [...]

Snake oil salesmen using Social Engineering

The world has changed and I’m not talking about the obvious socio-environmental, economic or political changes –  It’s the way we do things as a result of the growth of technology, it has made our lives much easier, faster and convenient.  Our need to enrich our lives as consumers for [...]

All Chasing the Same Ball

Having a clear view of where you want to be and having great intentions sometimes ends up with issues and delays. The above may just not be enough, if you’ve ever watched a football match involving two teams of ten year olds – you’ll see what I mean. They all end up chasing [...]

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