Everybody is talking about digital transformation

In the past there was business transformation, now it’s all about digital transformation … I’m sure they’ll be something new in the future – maybe ‘Remote Blended Transformation’ (heard it here first) Digital transformation is a heavily used marketing term, where the key word is transformation – taking a service and completely transforming it. Most type […]

Snake oil salesmen using Social Engineering

The world has changed and I’m not talking about the obvious socio-environmental, economic or political changes –  It’s the way we do things as a result of the growth of technology, it has made our lives much easier, faster and convenient.  Our need to enrich our lives as consumers for products and information increases, as […]

All Chasing the Same Ball

Having a clear view of where you want to be and having great intentions sometimes ends up with issues and delays. The above may just not be enough, if you’ve ever watched a football match involving two teams of ten year olds – you’ll see what I mean. They all end up chasing the ball, […]

Who you gonna call

Having spent sometime this week speaking to call centres – BT (looking for a better deal – £2 less a month and a new wifi router) and Aviva (car in for damage repairs – you should see the loan car) I realise the quality of the service you receive is completely in the hands of […]

Believe in yourself

What is your most important need? What helps you get what you want? Invariably we are driven by many needs, although if we are keen to get things done or completed there a number of tasks we naturally (not in all cases): Ask questions? Go speak to someone ‘who knows‘? Research the Internet? Pay for someone else […]

Oh no … not another meeting

How many times have your work colleagues gone into auto-pilot and scheduled a meeting because they think it the next thing to be done. Most of us pack our diaries with meetings as if it was a popularity contest or in fear that the ‘white space’ would be pinched by a colleague desperate to meet. […]

How did you survive as kid without a mobile phone?

I recalled when I was younger, particularly during the summer holidays at home – I’d leave the house at 8:30am and not come home until 4pm to get my tea and then back out until 10pm.  What was amazing was I never remember sitting around waiting for my friends to turn up – everybody was […]

Five steps to ask the right questions

Asking the right questions may be difficult – you may feel stupid or plainly uncomfortable – You may be under pressure and have been placed on the spot.  Of all the skills you have – if we stripped all them all away there is only one that would allow you to recapture the lot and […]

Operating a Business or managing a Brand?

Look, as a leader of a team you are constantly looking for improvements. You  identify area of waste, focus on ensuring individuals in your team are competent, seek to streamline services you offer and standardise on your internal and customer-facing processes. If it ever happens – you start to realise that you don’t just manage a team to operate […]