We all have transferable skills, from our day-jobs to things we do in our personal lives. Volunteering was a subject that I came across recently. Are there any transferable skills from volunteering that can be used in other aspects of our lives?

We think of volunteering as a chore … we don’t have the time, and it’s such a commitment!

I’ve never regarding the free time I give up as volunteering – I see it as doing something different from my usual day-job and what I do in in my free time.

Some of the skills are transferable, a lot of us have children, pets and look after elderly relatives – we all are involved in a massive amount of out-of-work activities that demand succinct skill sets.

When organising parties, meals and drink re-unions a large amount of planning is involved. When we are bystanders or involved in family disputes – an amount of conflict resolution is involved. When we guide our kids or other people’s kids  – this is a form of personal development. When we move house, which is probably one of the most stressful things you can do after marriage, involves an huge amount of logistic management and those involved in social enterprises (sports days, soccer events and jumble sales) brings on massive amounts of skills.

The point I make is that we all have a variety of skills that we don’t realise and don’t rejoice in.

Take time to high-light your greatest skills and develop them – you may end up forming a new career.


Photo credit: stevendepolo / Foter.com / CC BY