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Wow … where did that come from

Ever been hit by an issue from left field when not expecting it … at work or even in your personal lives things happen when you least expect them to. 

I recall a time a long time ago when I was faced with issues from a team of staff – they weren’t happy. Through a consultative exercise I managed to draw out of them what the issues were.

This thought came about from a colleague sent me an article by  Jack Wallen titled 10 signs your staff is about to mutiny where he illustrates a number of tell-tale signs that you may have a problem. 

Such as ‘If your employees tend to dress casual every day, and out of nowhere, they are reporting for work clad in a suit and tie (or skirt suit), chances are good those snappily dressed staff members have job interviews

and ‘when your staff suddenly stops completing jobs. Those incomplete jobs not only pile up, but eventually cause more work and stress for other staff

Look don’t get me wrong – I love complaints – I see it as an opportunity to make a new friend.  the whole process of dealing with an unhappy team was a fantastic learning process – on two counts. 

Firstly it helped in increasing the scope of my comfort zone, to be able to not only anticipate the unexpected but to be able to deal with it in a calm and professional way.

The other was to create a suite of techniques as a radar of measuring the temperature within several teams quickly and succinctly before finding myself with a problem coming from left-field .


Photo credit: rbbaird / / CC BY-NC